Inheriting Strength

a mother's day collection for all women

Babydolls & Dresses

the flirty piece to get the heat into the room

Bedroom Fun

accessories to spice up your nights

Pamper & Love

our first body care range with aphrodisiacs

let it all looose

a mother's day video series on rediscovering playfulness this month

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over 20,000 pieces sold

Our Jujumello Specials

Here are some specialty items which may interest you to express yourself in ways you have never before! Check them out here.

What Others Are Saying

My friend loves it sooo much! We love the little surprise and efforts made in the packaging, such a darling!

Papakw Chew

I'm just happy there's local brand that provide lingerie at affordable price! I wanna have every collection!

Amy Thien

Overall a satisfied customer. Nothing to complain about. This is already my third purchase.

Katrina Haidi

I tried on the navy blue night dress and my husband's eyes wide open and sparkling

Esther Kang

One of the best customer service I'd ever encountered! I wanna tell you all of them look gorgeous!! Fit just right for me.

Chanelle Liew

Sleepshirts tu sangat comfy. Lingerie kain jugak sedap.

Intan Athira

It fits really well and the material is amazing. Looking forward to shop at Jujumello again!

Rachel Leung

Today is my wife's birthday, thank you so much for suggesting what to get for her.

Marcus Tan

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