What if your past lovers confessed the enigmatic quality that attracted them - and held them in thrall? What if your friends, colleagues and even your enemies divulged how you naturally command attention - without even trying? Imagine what you could do with that kind of straight-no-chaser intel. It would be rare insight into the way the world sees you at your best. It would be a catalyst for embracing the real you.

This 13 sensual archetypes will help you understand your potential to captivate and make sense of your deepest, most innate drives.


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You walk into a room and all eyes land on you. You radiate confidence and erotic energy. You appeal to a man's taste for adventure. You radiate warmth, a trait that helps you establish instant rapport.

You enjoy attention and command in subtle ways. Men respond to your heightened femininity. You are playfully spontaneous and emotionally available, but find it difficult to commit to long-term relationships.



You have both warm erotic energy and cool objective thinking. You draw men in with your composed demeanor and heightened femininity and disarm them with wit and charm. Sophisticates can be brilliant conversationalists. You're capable of using your strategic thinking and sharp social instincts to help a man reach his goals. You are capable of being a man's companion, confidant and counsel.



You are confident, competent, and total self-possessed. Your cool demeanor, mental acuity, and emotional independence are the essence of your appeal. You are goal-oriented, motivated by proximity to power and the pursuit of knowledge. But you don't need to connect in order to feel fulfilled. You may enjoy conversations about business, politics, and current events.



You're an independent goal-oriented pleasure-seeking free-spirit and are unconcerned with how anyone perceives you. You don't try to please. You're capable of deep love, but are not possessive.



Your appeal is in your emotional distance and ability to retreat, leaving the other pining in your absence. This can reduce the most heroic man into an insecure shell of his former self. You are confident, emotionally self-sufficient, and freedom-seeking. Romantic love isn't a dominant priority for you, though you're more than capable of loving relationship. You aren't prone to jealousy or feelings of insecurity.



You enjoy attention, which you attract with your striking appearance and sensuality. But you have a deeply internal focus. A natural introvert, you appreciate solitude. Men find your calm serene presence, and grounded energy, comforting.



You may seem aloof or quirky due to your reclusive, often spiritual, personality. Your focus your emotions inward. You crave neither fame nor constant attention. You prefer solitude. You're content within yourself and that's your most attractive quality. You're not jealous or possessive, and you can offer a man your rapt attention in a way most people cannot.



You exude warmth, sensuality, and grand femininity. You desire to be with a natural-born leader. You're able to divine a man's potential, and make a man feel like a king. You inspire a man to conquer the world so that he may lay it at your feet. Your ultimate goal is to marry well, and be one-half of a power-couple. You're fiercely loyal. You may gravitate to the tastes and activities of your significant other. You shine a spotlight on your man's best qualities.



You value commitment, marriage and status. Your inner strength and unwavering loyalty is what attracts men. You inspire a man by listening deeply and showing him with attention, but you are far from a doormat. You make your boundaries clear.



You're a fount of nurturing love, warmth, affection, and robust sensuality. You appreciate spontaneity and living in the moment. You relish in the pleasure of taking care of others.



You're nurturing, affectionate, and warm. You have a preternatural ability to provide support to others. You feel called to motherhood and thrive in relationships in which you assume the caretake role. You're completely emotionally available. You don't min pampering a man, feeding his ego, or creating a meal. Your natural charisma and entertaining skills are part of your seductive signature.


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