All About Love

Visualize the moment when receive a set of exotic lingerie along with a small bouquet of flowers to intensify the first night of the wedding. Exciting isn't it? It's really possible to do so with Jujumello Love Box.

Jujumello Love Box is created to celebrate Love. The wedding and union of two people decided to spend the rest of their lives together "till death do [them] part".  Each marriage calls for a celebration! By having the right lingerie and nightwear on this special night is to celebrate each other today and every single day. Ooh lala!

What's in the package?

The Jujumello Love Box contains sexy pieces of lingerie to excite the newly wedded's first few nights. You can select items up to RM560 worth with other free items, including a 50gram hand bouquet! This box is suitable to give it to your best friend, soon-to-be wives or even from yourself to make the big day extra special!

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Some of you may ask... "what if I'm married or just attached?"


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