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Nadia Rose  (known as @inner.maverick on Instagram) is a lifestyle YouTuber, Women & Body Confidence Advocate and also a professional photographer with a fashion stylist and make up background.

Knowing Nadia personally, she is a warm spirit with her fair shares of insecurities she is learning to overcome and grow from. The question she often asks herself "What is this trying to tell me?" helps her to navigate through life circumstances with growing positivity and gentle grace in handling her emotions and reactions. Read about her recent personal reflection below as she uses journaling as a tool to help open up the wide world in her beautiful soul.



A little photo series of my at-home work desk.

I’ve been here before. Suddenly doubting the path I’m in. “What am I doing? Why does it feel like I’m back to square one? Why can’t I get to where SHE is?”

Ahh, I’ve been here before. It’s time for me to do the opposite of MORE. It’s telling me that I need to pause, I need to listen, I need to come back to my purpose. So I whipped out my journal and picked up a new book. Let’s explore and learn something new today.


Because I’ve been here before, I know my worth, I know my credibility, I know that I’ve put in years to get to where I am today. I know my shit. And I can do this.

Dear journal, if I could live my dream life right now, I would be...” my hands took over and it got clearer. I see my purpose. That I am exactly where I’m meant to be. All those years of working at that firm or dealing with that crappy project, they are all a part of what I’m currently building. Success for me does not look like hers, because it will only look like MINE."



When I am in doubt, I know I’ve been here before, because I’ve done the work, I have learnt and I have grown 💕



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