In the Works

UPDATES: Rebranding Works In Progress

The rebranded version of Jujumello will be a culmination of personal discoveries and growing love of our very own identity, personality, and visual expression of those. Our target relaunch is in Q3 2022 with a bigger mission (see below). Jujumello started off as a lingerie brand in 2017 solely focusing on filling the market gap with greater variety and quality products for petite Asian sizes. With the shifting desire today’s demands and in our very own lives, the all-women team in Jujumello transformed into an exciting generation seeking for fresh, sexy, unconventional and dynamic styles.
"We began to realize the primacy of intimates is no less important than our outfits. My changing character and persona interpret how I feel underneath when I present myself to the world." - founder, Mel

What about Q1-Q2 2022?

During the first half of 2022, we will continue to bring freshly-curated designs for your shopping pleasure. Every item in our store has been ensured and tested for suitable fittings and we also made sure they were nothing but of the highest quality.

You will start to notice a few changes on our website, but rest assured that our Powerhouse Packing team will be working extremely hard to ensure that all your orders are fulfilled on time. There will be no ghost deliveries whatsoever.

Into the new light..

If you would like to support our REBRANDING works, you may send us some loves by shopping with us 💕 to fund our bigger mission:
(1) define sexiness for South-east Asian women in our own terms. We will be creating our very own specialized lingerie designs created by an in-house fashion designer and sewing corner in Vietnam.
We dream to..
(2) offer beauty in more forms and wider range of choices by integrating sensuality into our sense of self and culture. More women can enjoy a suitable sizing system and plus-sized designs.

We really hope you like the new JUJU as you are a part of our inspiration for this future ✨. Stay tuned!