How Else Can I Pay?

PayPal gives you a convenient and international shopping experience by simply creating an account. It's really very very simple and makes your online shopping much easier at any sites! By owning your own Paypal account, you do not need to deposit any money, but simply enjoy their Debit/Credit Card payment feature to make any online purchase. You only have to do this once, and and it's absolutely FREE!

HOWEVER, we have heard some of your frustrations that your payment attempts have been unsuccessful with PayPal despite you have created an account! Just like the sample below:

If you happen to be one of the "victims", you may conduct an online banking transfer to our MAYBANK account (applicable for customers in Malaysia only) as below:

After you have made the transfer, kindly provide these info to us via FB messenger/Instagram PM/Email:
i. A Screenshot of List of Items to Purchase (Added to Cart)
ii. A Screenshot of Successful Payment Receipt
iii. Your Particulars - Name, Mobile No., Shipping Address, Email Address

Orders will only be processed upon receiving the complete information required. For further assistance, write to us at