A Jujumello Mother's Day Video Series: "I Still Got It!"

Do you think you take life too seriously? Do you sometimes wish you could have handled a situation with a little more humor, lightness? Do you have a relationship that has gotten a little too heavy and serious? Do you catch yourself pursing your lips, shaking your head, thinking too negatively?
Part of growing up well means not growing up completely. It means finding time to enjoy some things for the sake of having fun. Nothing that nurtures us, nourishes us, makes us laugh, lighten or connect will ever be a waste of our time. Rather, it’s quite possible one of the best uses of it.

"There is a correlation between how seriously we take life and how many problems it gives us. ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana."

Co-created, directed, produced and edited by @dirtychaistudio.