Jujumello x Supparetreat | Relationship Salon

Jujumello presents

Bringing intimacy between two people has been the heart of Jujumello. This time, we have collaborated with Supparetreat to offer you a rediscovery experience of intimacy in your relationships.




Whether you’re single, in a relationship or in a marriage, this bi-weekly virtual workshop series will address the reasons why we all struggle with intimacy in our relationships.

Each session we’ll explore a different topic in detail, from attraction and intimacy withheld to communication in the bedroom and a little tantra to spice up your love life. Hannah will bring light to blind spots, offer tools & practices to make tangible change and address the blocks we have to experience more love and intimacy in our relationships.


This Intimacy series is for both men and women as well as for singles and couples. 

Whether you’re looking for a deeper connection with your partner or wanting to address some of your own blocks to intimacy in preparation for a new partner, this series of workshops is created to help anyone understand the more hidden, misunderstood, emotional dynamics that influence how well we’re able to have fulfilling relationships when it comes to sex and intimacy. 


For singles 

If you’ve ever thought:
- When I meet someone new, I want to know if I’m blocking a potential person who would be good for me
- I’m looking to understand the issues I struggled with in my last relationship so I don’t have to bring them into my next
- I’d like to have tools for my next relationship so I don’t make the same mistakes I made before


For couples

If you’ve ever thought: 
- There’s this distance between us when it comes to intimacy and sex, and we just don’t know what to do?
- We feel stuck when it comes to communicating our needs and desires, where do we even start?
- Why can’t we just get back to the way we were when we first got together?


Ep 1: The Four Types of Attraction | 18th Aug

In this first session, Hannah will describe how attraction actually works by revealing four main types. Discover what creates that electricity and magnetism to a person and what switches it off. Understand how to discern between ego and soul attraction and as couples why we get turned off or turned on in our relationships. P.S... none of the four types of attraction are physical. 


Ep 2: When Intimacy is Withheld | 1st Sept

Going through periods of not having sex in a relationship is something most of us face at some point but why does it happen and what do we do if we feel rejected or stuck because of it? In this session Hannah will explain common but often misunderstood reasons why our interest dips and changes with each other and what to do if your partner isn’t interested in being intimate or when you’re the one who’s not interested. 


Ep 3 : Spice up Your Love Life | 15th Sept
with special guest Tantric Coach Danielle Ajanta 

Join Danielle and Hannah as we walk you through #6 sexy tantric exercises to bring more passion and playfulness into your sex life. Discover the secrets to the ultimate sexual arousal for you and your partner, as well as some top tips for opening you both up to more magical love making. 


Ep 4 : Sex and Communication | 29th Sept
with special guest Tantric Coach Danielle Ajanta 

When it comes to sex, how do we ask for what we want without sounding demanding? How do we say what we don’t want without hurting the other person’s feelings?  In this session, Hannah & Danielle will be sharing various empowering practices to help you express your needs and desires in ways that can inspire and motivate your partner, instead of turning them off. Learn to play with verbal and non verbal cues and feel more confident when it comes to communication in the bedroom.




4 episodes (entire series) for RM300
1 single episode for RM100 
Get RM20 OFF single episode for Jujumello Intimates customers only with discount code: JUJUPERKS20




What is Supparetreat?
SUPPARETREAT is a community for women that aims to foster success in all facets of a woman’s life. From relationships and love, it’s also about your career and personal planning, emotional wellness and mental health. 
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