3bulbs x Jujumello Everyday Seamless Cotton Panty (3 in a pack)

RM49.00 MYR RM49.00 MYR


Very popular and 81% of our customers wear them everyday


Everyday Wear Collection

To be worn all day and all year round.

JUJUMELLO X 3BULBS: An exclusive collaboration that blends daily confidence with thoughtful detailing, comfort and feminine feel.

Everyday Seamless Cotton Panty

Launch price: RM39 (3 in a pack). Normal retail price: RM49

style + fit + comfort

True to its name — a basic style with a seamless fit that is booty-flattering and comfortable to be worn all day.

Combining the expertise of 3bulbs, a homegrown cottonwear brand, we have created the perfect balance between comfort and fit.

The intention behind the product was to support woman all year round in transitions. You wear it through your monthly period cycles, work meetings, going on a date, hitting the gym or leisure time. From your most active hours to your downtime, the everyday panty is there to make you make the most of your day.

Middle-low waist (find the point between the middle and low-rise, sits 2.5cm below the navel)
Size S / 60-68cm
Size M / 70-78cm 
Size L / 80-90cm


Body 95% Cotton
It's a natural fiber that's breathable and soft, so it feels great against skin. 

5% Elastane
Get the freedom to stretch any way you want.

care instructions

To take care of your everyday wear, give ‘em a spin in the washing machine on cold (just no softener or bleach!), and hang dry. Do not iron!

reviews from our friends and family

“Every time during my period cycle, I would either get really bad cramps or medium-to-heavy. With the Everyday panty, I could stay focused on the projects at hand.”

  • Mel, Strategic Partnership of Jujumello

“I wear lots of seamless panties with thin nylon material since I have to fit into hip-hugging skirts and dresses for work and board meetings. The Everyday seamless panty helps me to transition from work to pilates class. They are comfortable and could be worn all day.”

  • Yik Foong, Business Development Manager of Teeni Enterprise Singapore

“This panty is so versatile that I now own 10 pairs of them because I literally wear them every day. They go with me to hanging out with my friends at a café, grocery shopping, cooking at home, changing my baby’s diapers and catching TV time at home when baby takes a nap in the afternoon. It helps my motherhood so much easier.”

  • Sienna Chay, Make Up Artist and Full-time mother