Own My Style

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Styles you always loved or never tried! Channel your inner goddess and be the diva you were always meant to be. With three different styles to choose from, there is no shortage of personas to try out!


How Does This Work? 

Bring your magic alive✨with stylish pieces curated by Team JUJU!

How Many Pieces?

 Get 4 + 2 (yes, six!) lingerie and empowering items in a mix of categories ranging from a luxurious slip, a sexy babydoll, a kinky garter, cute accessories,
all in  ONE bundle 📦


🔥BONUS🔥 receive two extra items when you type in “I OWN MY MAGIC” in the special instructions box in your cart page


So..What Does Each Style Mean?

A GUIDE is available based on the depths of your archetype below:

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Our recommended guide based on your Sensual Archetype


🌟 ENJOY! 🌟

All newcomers, experience unraveling pieces the universe picked out for you. For existing customers, discover new and fresh looks always as we ensure no pieces are repeated through your order history. 

 Take a stand to own your sensuality, your vision, your beauty, and your style. This is where the magical juju is going down!